How to Choose Motorcycle Headlights

How to Choose Motorcycle Headlights Blog

In the past, motorcycle headlights were only made round and for placement in the middle of the bulb. Today, the range is represented by different forms of products that emit beams of bright light with a precise direction. It turned out to make similar changes with the advent of LED bulbs, replacing incandescent bulbs.

Headlight design is given special attention, to the production process involves engineers and designers. The latter are responsible for the aesthetic part, the correct power and shape of the light beam. Engineers have the task of ensuring that effective light comes from motorcycle headlights. If a product is created for daylight, in this case the specialists work together.

Motorcycle lighting is a piece of equipment that undoubtedly affects safety on the road. The quality of the light allows the driver to determine the level of danger in advance and decide on the right maneuver. Always choose good, branded lighting that gives you the best visibility on the road. See a professional analysis of the best led headlight for Harley Davidson.

Basic information about motorcycle headlights

One of the most common reasons to change the motorcycle headlight is that the current one does not illuminate enough, is blind due to age or is defective. And then of course there is the conversion for optical reasons.

The sizes of motorcycle headlights are usually given in inches and even there there are almost no limits.
We carry primarily headlights in 4″ – 4 1/2″ – 5 3/4″ and 7″,because from experience these are the most common sizes on motorcycles.
But of course you do not have to take the original size, but can also install a smaller or larger headlight on the motorcycle as far as the conditions on the motorcycle itself allow it.

If the headlight no longer fits on the original bracket, there are of course as accessories the appropriate headlight holders.

Why is it so important to have good lighting on a motorcycle?

Bad light is a significant problem, especially if we are driving at night or in bad weather conditions. In addition, all the small obstacles in the way with poor lighting are a big threat to the motorcyclist.

The fact that you should buy original bulbs from reliable and trusted outlets knows every conscientious driver. However, in the case of motorcycle lighting, there are several important parameters that you should pay attention to when buying.

  1. Brightness of light is the main parameter not only for incandescent and motorcycle lamps, but also for cars, although in the first case the choice should be more justified. A good quality of lighting giving several tens of percent more light than standard halogen bulbs, it is a longer beam of light, which naturally affects the improvement of visibility, increases driving safety at night and in bad weather conditions.
  2. Shock resistance is a property of incandescent bulbs that is especially important for motorcycle owners. The inevitable vibrations and oscillations while riding, when using high quality lighting does not affect the life of the bulbs, so they can burn much longer.
  3. Type of light source – when choosing bulbs for a motorcycle, you should keep in mind that such vehicles have a rather low power grid. Therefore, when buying this product, it is worth checking what type of lighting is intended for our iron horse. It is best to buy LED products, as they consume less current.

LED headlights for motorcycles: additional safety on the road

To replace the regular light, tuning and retrofitting of motorcycles Agroplan offers to choose LED headlights on a motorcycle and buy high-quality LED optics with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

The advantages of choosing LED-optics

The catalog of our store offers a large selection of LED optics for dipped and driving lights, parking lights, working lights, fog lights, which have a lot of advantages in comparison with regular lighting:

  • Long life of LED headlights on a motorcycle (at least 30,000 hours), even in difficult operating conditions;
  • Low temperature of heating and instantaneous brightness of the beam when switching on;
  • Powerful light output – diffused wide beam (for low beam) and directional narrow beam (high beam)
  • Minimum power consumption while maintaining high performance;
  • Sealed housing with high level of protection against dust and moisture;
  • Vibration resistance.

LED headlights for motorcycles have a wide dispersion angle, providing excellent visibility in bad weather and road conditions, and regardless of the shape, number of LEDs and total power of the light output, do not require any changes in the design of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle headlights – an important detail in the night ride

Riding a motorcycle in the dark can become more comfortable and safer with the right lighting that meets international requirements and Russian standards. The choice depends on the amount of visibility of the surrounding area, and therefore how timely you will react to the danger. It is still worth choosing LED equipment.

Headlight adjustment

Optimum illumination of the road is particularly important for the motorcyclist. Therefore, correct headlight adjustment is a prerequisite for good visibility at night. If you don’t want to have your lights adjusted in the workshop, you can use the following instructions: Park the motorcycle in front of a bright wall with exact tire pressure and suspension adjustment for solo operation. It is important when selecting the location that the machine is on level ground. Now the rider sits on the machine and holds it vertically. The distance from the wall to the center of the front wheel (axle) should be five meters.

The distance from the ground to the center of the headlight is measured with a tape measure or meter stick by a second person and marked on the wall with a cross. A second cross must be drawn five centimeters below this cross. Then switch on the low beam. The headlight must be adjusted so that the “cut-off” begins at the height of the lower cross, rises in an arc to the right up to the height of the upper cross, and then falls away again. To prevent unnecessary trouble with the adjustment screws on the headlight, it is advisable to drizzle the threads with a drop of oil or rust remover beforehand.

Headlight equipment – convert or not?

To convert the motorcycle headlights, the only option is actually an additional low-beam headlight in the usual form, which is also mounted as close as possible to the original low-beam headlight. The motorcycle must still be recognizable as a single-track vehicle. Only appropriate fog lights are therefore suitable as additional lights, which the motorcyclist may only switch on under certain conditions. The lighting must always be adjusted so that it does not dazzle oncoming drivers.

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