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The TPICS (Transportation Project Impact Case Studies) System     Contains: (1) a searchable database of past projects and their observed impacts on economic development, and (2) a predictive tool that estimates the range of likely impacts of proposed new projects, based on results from already-built projects. See buttons above.

Case Search (Past Projects)     You define a set of project characteristics. The system screens available cases and selects those that meet your criteria. You can then view the selected cases.

    The Case Search feature allows you to search for specific types of projects in specific types of settings. So if a specific type of project has been proposed or suggested for your area, you can use this information to inform agency planners and public meeting attendees about past experiences with similar types of projects. The available information includes descriptions of project features and pre/post data pertaining to project impacts on the local or regional economy. It also includes detailed results from local interviews on project objectives, implementation issues and other factors affecting the nature of project impacts. Aerial photos and links to other reports are also provided. Lessons learned from these experiences can be used to improve project design and implementation processes.
My Project Tools (Predict Impacts of Future Projects)     You define a set of project characteristics. The system identifies case studies of past projects that meet your criteria. You can then view details of those cases.

    The Project Tools feature is a form of expert system that draws from the case study database to estimate the range of economic impacts likely to results from a specific type of project in a defined setting. It provides a form of "analysis by analogy," in that it identifies a reasonable range for expected impacts of proposed projects, based on prior experiences. You can thus use it as a screening tool for early stage project assessment.

    Users should note that neither the searchable database nor the project prediction tool provides information on the effects of changing traffic volumes, speeds, distances or safety, or effects of changing reliability, connectivity or accessibility. In real world situations, these factors can play a substantial role in determining whether the actual economic impact of a project will be at the low end, high end or outside of the normally expected range. To assess the impact of these additional factors, it is necessary to use economic impact models and tools that do measure these added factors affecting the wider economic impacts of projects.
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